The International Petroleum Environmental Conference (IPEC) October 30 – November 1, 2017 San Antonio, Texas

The International Petroleum Environmental Conference (IPEC) will bring together professionals involved in developing and implementing technology to address and resolve E&P environmental problems, and to share best practices and information regarding advances in emerging technology.

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 F-2-F Networking: Establish new business contacts, visit with colleagues,share information, and form collaboratios .

 Gain insight into issues affecting the oil and gas industry worldwide.

 Hear first-hand what leading professionals have to say on important environmental issues and what solutions work for them.

 Technical sessions give you up-to-date information on new technologies, solutions, and regulations.

 The industry exhibits showcase what’s new in research, products and services.

 The knowledge gained by attending will help you make better decisions for your company.

 Provides a forum to discuss various aspects of current oil and gas environmental issues.


 Exploration and Production Companies

 Health, Safety, Environmental Specialists and Engineers

 Oil Service Companies

 Compliance Officers

 HSSE Managers & Directors

 Landmen

 Environmental Professionals & Consultants

 Oil and Gas Attorneys

 Water Treatment Management Firms

 Operations Managers

 Remediation Companies

 Soil Scientists

 Petroleum Environmental Engineers

 Geologists

 Federal Regulators / Technicians


 Produced Water Treatment, Management Strategies and Practices

 Beneficial Re-Use of Produced Water and Flowback Water

 Hydraulic Fracturing Issues

 Groundwater Remediation

 Remediation of Hydrocarbon Spills

 Remediation for Brine Spills

 In Situ Chemical Oxidation

 NAPL Issues

 Air Emissions

 Site Characterization & Forensic Geochemistry

 Risk Assessment and Risk Management

 Legal and Regulatory Issues

 New Technologies in Waste Management and Pollution Prevention